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Taitoa Tassuihin - Online learning

Do you have a dog at home that requires mental stimulation, but you have no idea what new fancy trick to teach him? Are you perhaps interested in solving behavior problems through positive reinforcement?

Taitoa Tassuihin - Online learning is a web-based service that is developed to answer these demands. Here you can find single courses with diverse topics. The prices vary, based on the courses' content and intensity, from 15-69 euros per course. Every course has an extensive step by step training plan. And most levels even have a video to aid you in your training. The lessons are not tied by time or place, so you can train your dog when it suits you best! It is easy, fun, and useful! We are continually growing our library and new courses are being made constantly. This way we can ensure that you are not out of training ideas. Every course enables you to start at a level that best suits you and your dog.

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Koirakoulu Taitoa Tassuihin Oy