Here you will find answers to most common problems. Look through the questions to see if you will find an answer there. If they are not of any help, contact: and let us know under which name you made the purchase, which online class and describe your problem in detail.



Select the online class of your choice from the links above ”In English” -> ”Learn online”. Select the class you wish to access by pressing ”add to cart”. When you’re ready to pay for the products, click ”show the cart”, which you will find under the online class icon. Go to check out, fill in the information and order. Next, open your email. In the first email you will find your log in information. In the second email, the online classes you have ordered. Click the link below the online class. This link will take you to a site where you are able to access the class if you are already logged in or to log in. On this page you will find the necessary information about the class and what it contains. Depending on the view you will find the links either on the right side of the page or below the starting text. Click the headers to see the content. We suggest you read the theory first before moving on to the exercises. You will find detailed instructions and step-by-step videos of all the exercises.



  1. Have you ordered an online class between 2016-and now? If you have and you have stayed logged in to the service you will only get an email with the link to the online class and you should be able to access the class by clicking the link without logging in. You may want to search your email with ”online class” to see if you could still find your log in information.
  2. I have not ordered anything before but still didn’t get my log in information? Have you checked your junk mail, the messages may have accidentally gone there. You may want to check the other folders besides your inbox. You will receive the log in information within 2-10 minutes of payment to the email you have provided.
  3. Are you sure you gave the correct email? If by searching ”online classes” nothing comes up and you have checked the other folders as well, email us and we will make you a new password.



  1. Are you sure you have logged in using the link in your email? That is the only way you will be able to access the online class.
  2. If you have purchased group classes before, online classes have different log in information so the old log in info won’t work. Purchase the online class normally:

- Add to cart, View cart

- Check out, fill in the necessary information on the next page and place order

- To the email you gave, you will receive the link to the log in page and the log in information in a different email

- Log in through the link using the information provided in the other email




  1. You are trying to purchase the class but the page says ”internal server error” when you click ”place order” on the bottom right. The server is being updated or there is a temporary error. Try again in half an hour.


  1. You can also try erasing browser history, closing the tab and opening it again. Sometimes turning off the computer or phone and turning it back on again can also help.


  1. Have you ordered something before? The username is firstname.lastname and you will receive a new password by clicking forgotten password and giving your username and email (these have to be the same as last time so that we will be able to find your account). In 2-10 minutes you will receive a new password to your email.




  1. Depending on how busy the site is the pages of the online class should load immediately – in max 10 seconds. On a phone, depending on the speed of the internet on it, it should take 8-19 seconds.


2. On a computer, try erasing browser history. If there are many sites there, that can hinder the speed. How many sites do you have open if the site takes longer than 10 seconds to load?


3. On a phone, close the other tabs and sites if there are any others open. Refresh the page and or close the browser





  1. The videos for the online classes should play immediately after clicking the play button at the bottom left corner You can view the video on full screen by clicking the icon on the bottom right.


2. If the video keeps stopping and loading, you should press play and then pause immediately to let the video load for a short while before pressing play again.




  1. If the video doesn’t start by pressing play, try the next tips. Look to the top right corner, there should be an icon identical to the one in the picture where an arrow in a box points to the right top corner. Press it. Now the video should work.