Passing other dogs with elegance -online class

Passing other dogs with elegance -online class



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Welcome to the Passing other dogs with elegance -online class!

On the right side you see all of the excercises for this online class, you may proceed from the top towards the bottom. Please note that the problems dogs have with passing/encountering other dogs can vary so you will want to read every training step thoroughly. We also suggest you keep a training diary so it will be easier for you to track your progress and spot the areas you still need to work on.


Training diary:

We advice you to write down what, when and where you have trained with your dog and how these exercises have gone.


  1. State the date of the exercise as well as the lenght
  2. Where did this exercise take place (what type of distractions or triggers were present)
  3. Which step of the training program was in question
  4. How far in the steps you got
  5. How the exercises went
  6. Which parts seem to be the most difficult for your dog
  7. What kind of dog was present during the exercise and if you were not able to schedule a training session then where did you go, what kinds of dogs you passed from afar (you should be, for example on a field/large parking lot so that no dog can get too close to you) – ALWAYS ensure your dog’s success if in any way possible
  8. It is also good to mark down how many repetitions you did, how many breaks you took and how many repetitions you did before the break