Step 3-4

Step 3

- For this criterion, you are going to take the mat aside for a while. You are going to reinforce your dog for lying down

before combining it with the previous exercise. This is the only part of your training where you are going to guide

your dog with an already existing cue.

- Start by having your dog close to you and give him his "down" cue. When he responds correctly, click and reward

by dropping the treat between his front paws. Throw another treat further away to get your dog up. Then ask him to

lie down again. If necessary, you can use a hand signal to help your dog to lie down. In case you still use one, be sure

to fade out the hand signal by making it less on every repetition.







Step 4

- When you have done step 3 enough, your dog should start to offer a down without you giving him the cue. So

instead of giving him the cue, just wait and see if he offers a down by his own. If he does, click and reward by

dropping the treat between his front paws. Again, throw a treat away from you to get your dog up and ready for

another round.






- My dog does not offer to lie down without his cue?    

Have you done enough repetitions on the previous stage? Also, remember to be patient, give your dog time to figure out how to get his reward. You can, for example, slowly count to four and if your dog has not offered a down by then, help him by giving him his cue.