THE ART OF CALMING DOWN- online course       



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THE ART OF CALMING DOWN- online course

A dog that knows how to calm down is essential, both in everyday life and different dog sports. This course aims to

help you get a dog that can relax even in highly arousing situations. Your dog is going to learn to calm down;

- after a performance, regardless of the sport

- at home

- when visiting

- when travelling

- and in new places

When we talk about calming down, we primarily mean the emotional state of the dog. Think about the emotional

state of your dog when he lies on his mat. We do not aim to teach the dog to simply lie on his mat. If he does lie on

his mat but is not calm, then the behavior is more likely described as a tense or aroused dog waiting for something

else to happen while lying on his mat. And this is not the emotional state we are hoping for.

To complete this course you are going to need a clicker. You should also have a mat for your dog that is specific for

this exercise. In this instruction, we use both shaping and capturing. This way the behaviour becomes strong and

more importantly - we have a dog that offers it. When doing these exercises, be careful to follow the instructions

and always make sure your dog is in the right emotional state.