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The Ringing Doorbell – Online Course




The Ringing Doorbell – Online Course
Does your dog bark at the doorbell? Is your dog continually jumping in front of you when you go to answer the door? Or would you rather have a dog that quietly goes to his bed instead and stays there?

The goal of this course is to help you achieve just that!

This kind of training requires a lot of repetitions and patience. But it is worth it! We are going to help you get an over-aroused dog to calm down. From a dog who goes ballistic when hearing the doorbell, (Yay, someone is coming!), to a dog that patiently waits for permission on his bed to greet your guests.

To do these practices, you are going to need a clicker and a dog bed. In later exercises, you need someone who can play the part of your guest. Also, a device, like a phone, to record the sound of the doorbell. By then connecting your phone to speakers, you decide when and how loud the sound is. Or if you prefer, transfer the sound onto a CD from which to play the sound.

In this course, you get a step by step written guidance and videos to support the text. The course is divided into sections that are ordered most efficiently with dog training in mind. You find these sections listed from top to bottom in order of which to perform them.

So do yourself and your dog a favor and enroll right away!


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